Defining goals for pedagogical development


Within the project “Strengthening the capacities and efficiency of the Security Academy, Albania” targets have been set for improving the education and training capacities, scientific research capabilities, and the overall management of the Security Academy.

As the starting point for these development activities, it is considered necessary to first reflect collaboratively on the current situation; where we are, what are our strengths, where we want to improve our actions and capacities, or, where we need to develop to be able to respond to the demands set for us an educational organization.

This was also the case in regards to the development of training capacities. As for the basis in this process, the Finnish colleagues first got acquainted with documents that steer staff’s pedagogical capacity development in Security Academy. Based on the two surveys were prepared in collaboration with SA colleagues from the teaching staff to self-assess themselves. The first of the questionnaires focused on the substance competencies of the SA staff and the other one concerning the pedagogical and didactical skills of the SA teaching staff. The questionnaires were sent to SA teaching staff members to respond to during July 2020. In September the process continues with discussions with SA staff and students.

The Finnish colleagues summarized the results of the document analysis, the questionnaire responses, and several discussions with SA staff and students. The results showed that in line with the EU guidelines and standards SA teaching staff finds it important to emphasize more on competency-based approach as the starting point of professional education programs. Furthermore, elements of the learner-centered approach are wished to be improved. The results of this analyzing process will be utilized when planning the pedagogical training to be organized for SA teaching staff in 2021.