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SCESAL / Strengthening the Capacities and Efficiency of the Security Academy - Albania

The EU Twinning project Strengthening the Capacities and Efficiency of the Security Academy - Albania supports the Albanian Security Academy to update its strategic vision and operational planning, build its human and other capacities, and enable knowledge sharing between Albanian, Finnish and Estonian experts in law enforcement training.

The overall objective of the project

Objective: To strengthen the rule of law in Albania by improving the educational system for the law enforcement agencies, in line with the EU acquis, international standards, and best practices.

Aim of the project

To improve the education and training capacities, scientific research capabilities, and the overall management of the Albanian Security Academy in delivering professional educational programs for Albanian State Police and other Law Enforcement Agencies.

What we do

The project consists of two components, each of them with two expected sub-results.

Sub-result 1.1. The mandate and functions of the Security Academy (SA) are harmonized with the legal and organizational framework, in line with EU standards.

Subresult 1.2. Security Academy's administrative procedures, governance, and management are enhanced.

Sub-result 2.1. Security Academy's training and research capacities are enhanced.

Sub-result 2.2. Inter-institutional cooperation with other law enforcement agencies is fully functional.

How we do it

During the project, several short-term experts will travel to Albania to complete various activities in the two components. The activities are designed to support the development of education, training, and research in the Albanian Security Academy. The project is supported by the Resident Twinning Advisor (RTA), who lives and works in Tirana for the duration of the project’s implementation period. The RTA works as a link between the Albanian Security Academy and the project consortium and supports the short-term experts and implementation of project activities on-site in the Security Academy.

Tools and activities we use to reach our goals

STE missions

Online / e-learning

Study visits

Round-table discussions

Working groups

Analyses, evaluations, benchmarking, and recommendations

Peer-to-peer advice and discussions


Workshops (strategic level)

Conferences (academic)

High-level conferences

Steering committee meetings

Meetings/communication with other relevant donors

Stakeholder meetings

The project will be implemented in line with the principles of ethics, openness, equality, non-discrimination, and gender mainstreaming. Environmentally friendly choices will be preferred.

What is Twinning?

Twinning projects support the development of administration and legislation in the EU enlargement and neighborhood countries. This is achieved by transferring knowledge between the beneficiary countries and EU Member States’ public sector organizations or other public bodies mandated by the European Commission (so-called Mandated Bodies).

Through Twinning projects, agencies in beneficiary countries and the EU Member States can share best practices, set up valuable networks and strengthen their international visibility. Twinning is an investment in the expertise of the participating agencies and serves as an incentive for the development of human resources.

For more information on Twinning, please visit the European Commission website.